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manuelle et guillaume 2017 Spring

마누엘에기욤 2017년 봄 컬렉션을 위한 이미지의 연작을 수록한 룩북을 제작하였습니다.

Photographed by 88 Studio, Maeng Min Hwa
Hair & make up by Jang Hae In
Modeled by Son Chae Eun
Printed by An Jin Seong
Site Coded by Kim Hee Kwan
Project Details
TYPES OF WORK.  Art Direction for Photo Production, Fashion Styling
USE.  Launching 2017 Spring Collection of manuelle et guillaume
NAME.  manuelle et guillaume 2017 Spring
COLOR.  Various
MATERIAL.  Various
CLIENT.  manuelle et guillaume
YEAR/PLACE.  March 2017 Seoul. 88 Studio

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