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Poetic Wookbook

We see the brightness of a new page
where everything yet can happen — Rainer Maria Rilke

POETIC WORKBOOK is a collection of 6 useful papers with six different white hues.
We play with the shapes of ‘O’s to emphasize the idea of a book that turns into a new page.
Foundation Araby Project.

Photograph by 88 Studio, Maeng Min Hwa.
Project Details
TYPES OF WORK.  Product Design
USE.  Notebook, Personal Journal
NAME.  Poetic Workbook
COLOR.  Ivory
DIMENSION.  w173 × h234 × d15 (mm)
MATERIAL.  Bookcloth, Paper, Weaved Cotton Ribbon
CLIENT.  In Collaboration with Laiflo Studio
YEAR/PLACE.  September 2018 Seoul

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